We believe in TRANSPARENCY. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into. We hope that you’ll read this even if you don’t have any questions. We value you as our customer and want you to know you are protected!

What about the quality?

In order for this campaign to be successful, we need you to wear the free items so people will ask about them.
Think for a second-
If the quality isn’t great, you wouldn’t wear them, and you wouldn’t recommend us to your friends and family.
That would result in a HUGE waste of money for us. Why would we want to lose customers and money?

I’m afraid to pay online, is this safe?
It’s 100% safe. We value our customers and we do everything we can to protect them. We use the latest encryption protocols and safety measures to ensure your information is safe. You can’t be safer than that.

Are there any hidden charges?
The amount that you see is what you pay. Nothing more.
There are no hidden fees.
The only reason we charge shipping is that our products come from warehouses located all over the world, and in order for your item(s) to be sent to you, you need to cover a small shipping cost. It is usually only $10.95 (increases with product quantity as manufacturing requires funds).
To find out the exact shipping cost to your location, you’ll have to add items to your cart and go to the checkout page. After you fill in your address our system will calculate the exact shipping and handling cost.

But some people say bad things…
This will always be the case, anytime you’re trying to do anything GREAT! People seldom take the time to understand what’s going on before they make a negative comment. Good thing for you, these are not our customers. Because you won’t find a single customer that hasn’t been happy with our services.
Not a SINGLE one!

I see others imitating Freeway promotions. Why should I choose Freeway?
We can’t vouch for the legitimacy of other stores.
What we can tell you, is that we do everything we can to take care of our customers and to ensure they’re satisfied.
We would love to have you order from us, but if you do decide to go with other stores, we strongly suggest checking to see if they have hidden fees or any red flags. We recommend finding out if your information is safe with them, and if they are fully transparent the way we are.
The first red flag would be the lack of transparency in addressing your concerns that made you read this page.

So this is all legit?

The one thing that separates us is that we CARE.

Most of our competitors ignore their customer’s concerns and that’s why we are not them. We want you to know we are Sincere.
We want you to benefit from our products, we want you to love how you feel and receive lots of compliments, while we get future customers (and you do nothing except for sit back and enjoy the compliments!)
And now you understand why this promotion is not a “too good to be true deal.” We’re all about having mutually beneficial relationships. We’re all about growing as a company and making our customers happy.